China China China

Ooowee, where has time gone?

I’ve been so busy preparing for the launch of my first ever online course that writing blog posts has fallen under the radar for a bit. #sorrynotsorry

So. We need to talk about China. It seems that, even after having returned from China 3 years ago, I still can’t stop talking about it. I’ve decided to give myself a break and not even try to stop talking about it, because really, it’s better to share. And I want to share everything I’ve learned there with you guys.

Well, maybe not *everything*, but definitely a lot.

Fair warning: the more you learn about China, the less you understand it.

But, if you want to go down the crazy and long winding road that is Chinese culture – and with that I mean: why Chinese people act the way they do – keep your eyes on this space.

Stuff will launch September 1st!

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